2012 Affirmations

January 1, 2012

  1. I have made peace with food
  2. I love my body
  3. I love myself and I love feeding my self.
  4. I have a lean and beautiful body
  5. I have fun expressing who I am—in other words, creating with clothes on my body
  6. My greatest joy is expressing who I am to the world
  7. Expressing my authentic self is perfectly safe in my world
  8. I have perfect health
  9. Manifestation is nothing more than removing blinders in order to see that which already exists
  10. My fears have disappeared
  11. The Universe is completely safe and I know this on a deep level
  12. I am loved and cherished by self and others
  13. I am surrounded by close friends who love me and treasure their time with me
  14. I have a deep connection with those around me
  15. I connect as much with my heart as with my head
  16. Peace is no longer a dream to be chased, but an innate quality of my heart
  17. I allow and trust my highest excitement to bring me abundance, joy, and prosperity

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